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Grow your professional network. Meet other students and professionals in the media faculty and grow your list of contacts and associates.


Grow your skills and improve. Attend training sessions and learn how to hone your skills into master class work at a high standard.


Access to equipment. Don't let a lack of equipment hinder you from publishing work. JSNZ avails equipment for professionals and students alike.


Express yourself freely and safely. JSNZ gives a platform for media students to express their views freely and safely in an enabling environment.

Building Open Media for an Open Society

Who we are

The mission of the Journalism Students of Zimbabwe is to promote open dialogue, innovation and networking among tertiary institutions thereby assisting in the realization of a Zimbabwe in which media students are free to exercise their right to the freedom of expression, association and access to information as enshrined in the Constitution.

The vision of the Journalism Students of Zimbabwe is for a Zimbabwe in which media students are free to exercise their right to freedom of expression, innovate and network with other forums that may be relevant to the advancement of their socio-economic status in Zimbabwe.

Journalism Students of Zimbabwe strives to be student’s centred, neutral and efficient platform for their interaction, information sharing and awareness raising through the provision of a secure platform, information, access to communication technologies and training.


  • Integrity
  • Equity
  • Accountability
  • Participation
  • Responsiveness
  • Free Speech